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Aditum Legal is an immigration law firm based in Sydney, Australia. Obtaining a visa to travel to or remain in Australia is a legal process and can be daunting to many people. We offer personalised advice, assistance and representation to suit your circumstances, whether you are in Sydney, elsewhere in Australia or overseas.

Australian immigration law and policy change frequently, sometimes with little notice. A change in even one regulation can be the difference between being eligible for a visa and not being eligible. Your case will be handled by an experienced lawyer who is also a registered migration agent and who will explain to you in plain language the relevant laws and regulations that apply to your situation.

We are able to expertly assist with a range of visas, including for partners, children, family reunification, skilled migrants, student visa holders seeking a permanent pathway, temporary visa holders seeking a permanent option, New Zealand citizens and their family members, humanitarian cases and visitors. We are also able to advise those who have had a visa refused or cancelled.

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