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Upon receipt of an enquiry, we suggest that enquirers make an appointment for an initial consultation.  Our fee for this is $420 (GST not applicable).  The consultation usually takes around an hour to complete.

An initial consultation is vital, as it allows us to gather all the relevant information to allow us to advise properly on what immigration pathways might be options. We ask that enquirers, where possible, consult with us after they have available to them all the paperwork relevant to their past and current visas. Where the paperwork is not immediately available, usually we are able to assist with obtaining it.

Based on the information available to us at the time of the consultation, we will provide advice as to what immigration solutions might be available, including the next step or the further steps that the visa applicant might need to take. An estimate of our professional fees to advise and assist with the matter can also be provided at the end of the consultation or shortly afterwards.

Where an enquirer cannot attend a consultation in person in the Sydney CBD, we can offer a consultation by Skype or telephone. To make an appointment, please contact us

Payment for consultation

Our fee for an initial consultation is $420 (GST not applicable). We require the fee to be paid at least 24 hours before the confirmed consultation. To make a secure payment via Paypal using a debit card or a credit card, please click on Make Payment. Upon receipt of payment, our payment portal will issue you with a transaction number and the ability to print your receip

Payment for: Consultation Charges

Amount: 420 AUD