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Although there is a lot of publicly available information about migrating to Australia and about Australian visas, including on governmental websites, all the information that is relevant to a particular case might not be publicly accessible. Only persons who are authorized (i.e. registered) to provide immigration assistance and advice should be doing so. Often, a case that seems relatively straightforward is actually complex. Factors that can affect a future visa outcome include an applicant’s visa history and the visa they currently hold, if they hold one at all.

We are able to advise and provide assistance with the following:

  • Partner visas (including same-sex couples);
  • Parent visas;
  • Other family stream visas, such as a child visas
  • Expressions of interest and skills-based visas;
  • Visitor visas;
  • Employer-sponsored visas;
  • New Zealand citizens seeking a permanent visa;
  • Partner visa applicants who have suffered family (domestic) violence and seek to remain in Australia;
  • Applications to regularize the status of those applicants in Australia who do not hold a current visa;
  • Applications for Ministerial intervention;
  • Issues with the health criterion for a permanent visa;
  • Humanitarian (refugee) visas, including family reunification;
  • Advice for applicants whose last visa application was refused;
  • Applications to waive conditions preventing a further visa application in Australia;
  • Australian citizenship;
  • Complex resident return visas;
  • Applications to the Migration Review Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal; and
  • Applications to the Federal Court.