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Suzi Abi Mikhael

Suzi Abi Mikhael is an experienced and knowledgeable Solicitor who has been practising law since 2006.

Throughout her career, she has gained broad experience across various areas of law including Property and Conveyancing, Family Law, Commercial Litigation, Traffic Law, Criminal Law, Wills and Intestacy and Immigration Law and Citizenship. 

Since 2008, Suzi has dedicated her practice exclusively to Immigration and Citizenship matters. She has handled a diverse range of cases including visitor visas, student visas, family and partner visas, working and skilled visas, and refugee and humanitarian visas.

One notable aspect of Suzi’s career is her involvement in advocating for asylum seekers. She has dedicated a significant portion of her career to supporting and protecting the rights of these vulnerable individuals. Her leading role in many taskforces indicates her commitment and passion for advocating on behalf of asylum seekers. Suzi’s dedication to protecting the rights of asylum seekers, including those detained in various detention centres across Australia, as well as the Nauru and Christmas Island Processing Centres, demonstrates her commitment to ensuring that vulnerable individuals are treated fairly and with respect.

Furthermore, Suzi’s successful representation of clients in merits review and judicial review processes showcases her ability to navigate complex legal procedures effectively. Merits review involves challenging decisions made by government authorities regarding visa applications or immigration matters, while judicial review involves seeking a review of those decisions by a court. These processes can be intricate and require a thorough understanding of the relevant laws, regulations, and legal strategies. 

Suzi’s thorough approach and experience in complex legal matters are valuable assets in providing effective advice to her clients. By exploring and considering all possible avenues, she demonstrates a commitment to understanding the nuances of each case and finding the best solutions for her clients’ legal needs.